Pop music is a genre of music called “Popular” music which originated in the Western World in the 1950’s – 60’s era and has its roots in Rock and Roll music. This fundamentally diverse music form acquires aspects from various other styles of music for example urban, Latin, Rock, dance and country.

This form of music is a dynamic and ever growing and developing one which is a mixture and culmination of many other genres of music, it is a common misconception that pop music only contains hit charts whereas it consists of varied sources of music like jazz, hip-hop, etc.

Tin Pan Alley was a well known publishing house who thrived on pop music and most of the songs emerged from this publisher.

Pop music cannot be rigidly defined but it has characteristics of music that entices the audience and involves a renowned sense of artistry. Most pop songs are written by songwriters and then given to singers who perform the song, one such band “The Beatles” who revolutionized the perception of music wrote their own songs and performed it after which many artists and bands began to recreate the same.

A large number of people through high levels of criticism on pop music stating it as repetitive and plain and often lacking sentiment and soul. This is due to the “lip sync” trend wherein singers merely move their lips in tune with the lyrics rather than actually making an effort to sing the song. In spite of such criticism the industry is booming for pop music and will before a long time to come.

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