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Taylor Swift is a 26 year old music icon who began her career with country songs which very subtle and minimalistic yet they had an edgy tune to them which would be stuck in our heads for the rest of the day.

“Love story” a song that helped Taylor’s big breakthrough in the music industry was a favorite amongst teenage children for the way it aptly described and depicted a simple love story. The main reason for her songs being as hit as they are is the simple fact that they are empathetic and relatable.

Taylor has built her image as fierce and independent which appeals to her fans and she is known to be “real” and genuine. Her “girl next door” image sells to the crowd and young girls see themselves as wanting to be more like her. Her songs are based on experiences she has had in the past and more often than not they are based on her past and present relationships.

Apart from being a pop icon, Taylor is known to support and encourage women empowerment is it through her songs or social media. She also endorses various brands and has featured in a few movies her debut in acting being in the episode of “CSI” which airs on CBS not to forget her role in the movie “Valentine’s Day”.

The singer is a philanthropist and has donated and is the brand ambassador of many programs mainly that help children’s literacy and welfare.

Taylor’s sense of humor never ceases to entice the audience, which is why her fans love her as much as they do.

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