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Music has no limits and boundaries. Different parts of the world have described music in their own language. Bengali music has been considered as one of the most versatile genres for over a period of almost a millennium. Famous singer and laureates have made a strong impact in composing songs for different occasions. One such famous writer was Kavi Nazrul Islam and the songs written as well as composed by him was referred as Nazrul Geeti.

Nazrul Geeti is a blend of more philosophical, spiritual, revolutionary and romantic themed songs. Most of the songs and poems written by Kavi Nazrul have been used during the Indian Independence Movement and the Bangladesh Liberation War. The songs and tunes composed by him talk about the extremities of everything. The lyrics of those songs are so strong and provoking that gives out messages against conservatism and about life that is more than just being spiritual and philosophical.

The songs are beautifully expressed and written in simple language for the mass to understand. However, some were criticized. But those who understood the inner meanings of the songs praised him for his courage and bold attitude.

Some of the famous Nazrul Geeti singers are – Ferdausi Rehman, S.D. Burman, Anup Ghoshal, Firoza Begum, and Nilufar Yasmin.

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