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The music can influence the lives of many people and there is no man who can say that he does not like the music or that he does not have the favorite artist or song that he does like. People breathe and live using the music while others are able to earn the money by singing. People can relax when they listen to the music. The music is powerful and it can cure some disorders and diseases of a brain. The musical preference can reflect the image in a society, it can influence the mood and it can make the people to be even more courageous and also cheerful.

The music influence some parts of a brain which is not stimulated using other methods. The child who start to play the music while young, they intend to look for even more information. The people who play piano get more intelligence compared to these who learn to use the computer. The music can influence the health and it can make the best contribution to the moving and neurological deficiency. People can also choose the rhythm of the song according to the breathing or heart rate. The combination of the musical rhythm can induce the fluctuation of the blood pressure and it can influence feelings.

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