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With the growing advancement in technology, music has undergone many changes. In fact, technology has shifted and shaped the whole music industry the way we share, listen and discover bands and artists.
As long as mini disc players came at the turn of the century, the advent of smartphones and MP3 breathed new life into the realm of music. You can now scrobble, search and randomize music tracks from your pocket. Thanks to today’s streaming music applications like Shazam, Soundwave, Sonarflow and Discovr that keep us groove with our favourite music track.

It is a mobile first application that let you share what you listen in real time. Listening to any song through this application will be added to your profile along with the cover art.

Shazam is a popular application that plays listening to background playing songs. Whether it is on TV, radio or shop, this application will tell you the name of the song and its artist.

Sonarflow is a wonderful music application that finds out your next favourite record visually rewarding your actual listening experience. It is almost similar to finding new music bands, artists, and genres.

Discovr is perhaps the best application described by Twitter that let you discover your artists related to your favourite bands using interactive music maps.

So, next time when you want to track down your favourite artist on your mobile, check out these applications.

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